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The MPOWER Tax  Pros Team
Mimi Robinson - Owner/Tax Preparer- Individual & Business

Mimi is a Chicagoan, born and raised through adulthood and is still learning. She has a BS degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign school of Econoical Science and is in the process to be certified as an Enrolled Agent with the IRS.


Since graduating her accounting and finance  skills have been applied in the areas of private consulting, public/government agencies, private corporations and not-for-profit organizations.  She has worked in every aspect of finance and accounting for over 15 years and has since become an entrepreneur.


Mimi has had 10 years of training and experience with tax preparation with H&R Block prior to branching off on her to service her clients as an independent tax preparer. She established MPOWER Tax Pros in 2016 and prepares individual tax returns, and financial statements and tax returns for business clients.

Mimi's intentions are to serve the person who just wants affordable bookkeeping service and/or tax preparation.  Small businesses are welcome. Whether you are just starting up in need of outside bookkeeping services, or growing and unable to keep up with the paperwork, or your business is in need of full charge bookkeeping services, tax preparation, payroll services or preparation of 1099's or W-2's; Mimi can help you meet your obligations.

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Shonee' Muse - Tax Preparer/Individual (1040 - Individual

"You really care about my needs and my future..."

"Thank you so much for educating me, I didn't know..."

"You were sent here to help people be great..."


Many more similar statements to these exact words were spoken from previous clients throughout the years about Shonee' Muse. Shonee' has been in the financial industry for 3 years, but has the understanding of someone that's been in the industry for 20 years+. She listens to each client's needs and purposes to make sure that her clients have the understanding of not only what they need presently, but also for their future so they are prepared. Shonee's polymathic mentality permits her clients to be great and excited about ventures that otherwise would cause stress. Shonee' makes sure that her clients are set and ready for their goals that they believe they want alongside what they need.  

Shonee' is a problem solver and thrives on coming up solutions for real-world and people problems.  Over the past year Shonee' saw a need for people she knew personally and found that they were in need of a quality, trustworthy tax preparer who could thoroughly explain the in's and out's of tax preparation. The opportunity was introduced to her to become a tax preparer with MPOWER Tax pros. With the combination of the opportunity along with the demand, Shonee' did what was required for her to help her community. She is now helping those people that need help through IRS obstacles and educating those of their options that they otherwise may not have known. Shonee' understands that knowledge is power, but financial education is just as crucial for success.

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Anita Thomas - Tax Preparer/Individual (1040 - Individual) 

Anita Thomas is a born and raised Chicagoan.  GO BEARS!!! 

Mrs. Thomas received her Associates Business degree from Kennedy King College that allowed her to explore her passion for management and accounting.  Anita has previous experience working for Northwestern College assisting student services, faculty, and the financial aid department. That experience brought her keen account management and financial record keeping skills. 


Upon entering the world of Professional Tax preparation, Mrs. Thomas' mission is to provide professional tax preparation services that value customer service and client relationships.  She continuously strives for success in everything she does, not only for herself but especially for others.  Anita is honored to be a part of MPOWER Tax Pros team with the level of excellence and expertise they give to every client.

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